quarta-feira, 17 de setembro de 2014

Busic Trio Jazz & Bossa, 26 September, in Zagreb

Busic Trio Jazz & Bossa, 26 september, 9p.m., Green Bar, Zagreb. Best of Jazz and Bossa Nova with André Busic (trumpet and vocal), Karen Busic (vocal) and Danijel Kadic (piano).
Green bar - Radnička cesta 34a  - Zagreb - HR

 _ The Croatian trumpeter André (Andrija) Busic began studying music with 11 years old, in Zagreb. He emmigrated to Brazil in 1960. Recorded eight Lp´s, four CD´s and later attended several jazz groups and founded several bands : Traditional Jazz Band, Bluegang, Brazilian Jazz Stompers, Hot Line Jazz Band e Top Line Jazz Band.
  Busic performed at several jazz festivals in Brazil and all over the world such as :
Heritage Festival of New Orleans – 1975 and 1991
Festival of Viena – 1982
Montreaux Festival (parallel events ) – 1985
Summit blues festival –New York – 1988
Festival Jazz of Brasilia
And others.....
  Also records performances in Portugal, Sweden, Argentina, Uruguai and the entire Brazilian coast. Eight years of cruises on ship Funchal in Brasil and Europe.
  André Busic releases his last album "Top Line Jazz Band - Busic family & friends" with a quality rarely seen, to definitely leave his name as one of the biggest Brazilian jazz players. It contains several styles, but always approaching to classic jazz. It was produced by Andria Busic (lead vocals & bass player of DR SIN) and had very special guests of the jazz world such as, Hector Costita, Ramiro Marques, Giuseppe Bria, Silvio Galucci, William Anderson, Eduardo Machiori, Luchin Montoya and also of the rock world such as Andria and Ivan Busic (his sons), Eduardo and Átila Ardanuy. Released by Unimar Music, for sale all around Brazil.

BLOG:  jazzbusic.blogspot.com
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